Friday, 1 May 2015


I’m a PhD candidate at La Trobe University in Melbourne. I completed my undergrad degree in Psychological Science, and I’m now delving into the exciting world of biology and ‘big data’. My research focuses on investigating the biological mechanisms underlying ocular growth control and the development of myopia (short-sightedness). With my submission date (almost) in sight, I’ve started this blog to chronicle my successes and failures as I explore ways to analyse, interpret, and display my data.


  1. Dear Nina,
    I hope you are doing well. I found your blog very informative. I'm new to R and I need a bit of help. I'm interested in GOPlot (chord diagram) and I'd like to use it to illustrate overlapping genes across 5 different animals, so basically I have 5 columns (each column contains numnber of genes that interact with one or more columns).

    I managed to import the file into R as CSV but it didn't go well when I wanted to have it done! what do you suggest?
    Many thanks,

  2. Hi Saleh,
    If you want to use the GOplot package just replace the gene ontology information with your species names when formatting the files (take a look at the GOplot tutorial - - for examples). Alternatively, you could try a more flexible generator like circos ( that might be better suited to your data. If you have issues, email me an example and I'll try to get it working for you (